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Al-Nimal company was established in 1970 by the founders and their confidence in Allah by giving no chance of failure.

The founders were following the work and supervision the performance, aiming at accuracy and quick completion, which has great effect to erect these magnificent projects such as sewer systems, roads, dams, buildings, and airport has diligently contributed in performance. Read More


  • Maintenance and Construction of Roads, Bridges, Airports, Dams, Buildings, Water, Sanitation, Electrical, & Industrial Works.
  • Landscaping & Organizing Sites.
  • Maintenance of Parks & Gardens.

  • Latest News

    • Apr 28, 2012 The limited company AlNimal divert from a limited liability company to a closed joint stock company....
    • Apr 10, 2012 Rural Affairs assigns AlNimal company to a major project to establish channels and sub networks to drain flood in Noor district in Riyadh....
    • Nov 19, 2011 The Ministry of Water & Electricity assigns AlNimal Company to substitute old water networks in some centers of the province of AlMajmaah in Riyadh....
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