About Us

Al-Nimal company was established in 1970 by the founders and their confidence in Allah by giving no chance of failure.

The founders were following the work and supervision the performance, aiming at accuracy and quick completion, which has great effect to erect these magnificent projects such as sewer systems, roads, dams, buildings, and airport has diligently contributed in performance.

The company has more than 1200 employees and workers including engineers, technicians, and administrative official accountants. The company also owns a fleet of equipments and workshop to enable it to execute the projects ever before the due date according to the specifications of contract.


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Chairman’s Message

Welcome to AlNimal Holding Co. website!

First of all, thanks to Allah almighty then to our guardians in this kingdom with their support and assistance to our company and all national companies. Saudi Arabia reached the standard of developed countries in all sections.

We praise Allah, this national company has the honor to be part of this development, and we are glad to present this website of our origination and projects that have achieved with prudent management, robust fundamentals and dedicated company’s personnel.

Also we take this opportunity to thank all the company’s workers whom participated to this accomplishment by loyalty and sincerity.

Wishing for you all a lucky future a successful life.

Ali Abdulkarim Al Namlah
Chairman of the Board